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Johns Biography - John Ohlson of Fox Island

About John Ohlson

A Fox Island property owner since 1979, John started building his dream home on the island as a young 20-something, and spent the next 10 years realizing his dream: Castle Dragonwyck.

With his wife Lise' and children Megan, Heather and Alex, they have made Fox Island their home, and became involved in the community as members of FICRA.

John's experience in governmental affairs and community leadership have made him the logical choice for the leadership of FICRA. With a 29 year career in City government coming to a close, John has seen it all, and done most of it.

John's connections through the Labor community have put him in contact with Presidents, Congressmen, Legislators, Governors and Mayors including Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, John Kerr... Read More


Dragonwyck Web Design LLC - 20 Years of Service

Twenty Years ago (June 11, 1999), our first ever website was launched: Fox Island was officially 'online', and a new company was born: Dragonwyck Web Design LLC! Today, over 500 websites later, the company is stronger than ever, and still growing!

With 20 years of experience in website design, graphics, database development and software application development and design, John Ohlson brings a wealth of experience and technical expertise to Dragonwyck Web Design LLC. Areas of expertise include government sector projects, content management system websites, e-commerce websites, responsive Smartphone enabled websites and mobile & wireless computing.

Dragonwyck President and CEO John Ohlson has lectured and authored numerous technical conference papers on application de... Read More


AFSCME Local 120 President - 12 Years

From 1999 to 2012, John served 12 consecutive terms as President of Local 120 of the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME).

During his tenure as President, he also served on the Executive Board of the Washington State Council of County & City Employees (WSCCCE) for 10 years, serving as the Scholarship Committee Chairman for 9 years.

John oversaw growth of the City of Tacoma Bargaining Unit during his tenure as President and Unit Chairman, including the organization of Business Analysts in the City IT Department, Click Cable TV employees and many project employees on the Business Systems Improvement Project (BSIP) in 2002.

He also served as the chief negotiator of bargaining unit contracts from 1999 to 1211.

His many labor relations activities over ... Read More

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